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As a speech and language pathologist, Kindermusik is a phenomenal program that engages our children, teaching them routine, and turn taking. In addition, we explored various senses, and the classes are enriched with language that develops both receptive and expressive communication. All that being said, my husband and I both love spending time with our daughter seeing her learn through the exploration of music and play and interacting with other children. Our favorite memory from this session was when another child had begun potty training and when she arrived back from the potty all the parents cheered for her huge accomplishment, her smile was priceless!

Kindermusik exceeded my expectations by far. The curriculum & teachers are amazing! My daughter sings Kindermusik songs often at home & always left the class with a smile. Thank you Ms. Libby & Ms. Connie!

I have always been passionate about music, so Kindermusik has been a perfect opportunity to share that interest with my son. It is amazing to see the excitement on his face every time we try something new and to realize each week how much he has grown and learned through his experience with music in our Kindermusik class.

Kindermusik is a great class for young children to learn manners and to listen to instruction. We use Miss Libby's song every night to put away toys and clean up. And it works, Jacob loves to clean up! Thanks Miss Libby for all your help!

Kindermusik helped my middle child feel special. She calls her weekly classes "MY music school" :)

It was interesting to see how my son Frankie, a 15mths old, would naturally gravitate to the one other boy in the class! How did he know? I liked that he was allowed to do his own thing without being forced, but that he would come to participate, on his own when he was ready. Also, his Grandpa brought him to class one day and both were so happy to share the experience! Thank you!

Connie was amazing-that made the class really special and we loved the interactive music and toys for the kids to try!

Loved everything about it; it's great and would recommend to friends and family.

This class has really helped my child to learn to socialize and interact with other children since she is an only child. She has also learned to participate in the activities. When we pull in to the parking lot at Kindermusik, she always says, "Mommy we're Home!" What a great feeling to know she loves it that much. She is 2 years old.

I love it EXACTLY the way it is. It is an absolutely wonderful experience.

When I tell Helaina we are going to Kindermusik, she now says, "Is Miss Connie going to show us?" This means that my goal of getting Helaina to participate has really worked. We love Kindermusik and Miss Connie!

My 18-month-old loves her Kindermusik class. After the Christmas break, I told her we were going to music class today and she got very excited and ran toward the door saying, "Ashes, Ashes." We sing "Ring Around the Rosey" for the closing song every week and she remembered it after a several-week break. It has created such a wonderful foundation for memorizing music and other information for a lifetime!

I was just wanting to introduce my daughter to music. My daughter not only loves music, she loves to dance, sings out loud, memorized some of the songs, loves to learn new songs, loves instruments, and has learned other skills. This class has helped reinforce her learning of colors, numbers, direction (right & left), and taught her to use her senses.

My 2 1/2 year old asks to go to Kindermusik everyday. One day as we were getting into my car she told me she would only get in if she could go to her aunt's house or Kindermusik!

After the first class my expectations were kind of low because it didn't seem like Gabriela was really getting into the class or paying attention. I thought maybe she is still too young but after the second and third class I was very impressed. She actually started singing one of the songs and she remembered the words and the actions we had learned in class. I started playing the cd for her at home and she remembered all the songs and actions. I was so impressed. We loved the class. When we started Gabriela was 17 months old.

Kindermusik is so much fun! It is the best thing a parent can do with their child. It is a joy to look at the excitement on my child’s face when we are going to Kindermusik.

I love how as the class progressed Nicolas grew to anticipate his favorite activities. There's nothing like seeing a big smile on your baby’s face because he is having fun.

I loved seeing how she acts in a "classroom" environment. As a former teacher, I love the structure and routine. We both loved learning the songs and having so much fun playing, dancing, and singing.

It has been wonderful hearing my 2 year old daughter walking around the house singing the songs she's heard in class. One morning as I was cleaning she grabbed my feather duster and began singing, "dust, dust, dust." It was adorable! What a memorable experience Kindermusik has been for the both of us.

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